Mindfulness & Gratitude for Women 2016

Laughter Yoga

Summer 2015 Gratitude & Mindfulness Experience for Kids

 “Dear Debbie,

Thank you for the opportunity to have my children introduced to Mindfulness and Gratitude. They have learned new skills to help them throughout life.”
   ~Brenda F.

“The Gratitude & Mindfulness Experience was fantastic! My 8 year old and 11 year old left each week with huge smiles on their faces. They learned excellent techniques for coping with stress and anxiety, had some fun, and got to talk about all kids’ favorite topic – themselves! I love that they learned mindful breathing and yoga and meditation, things I only learned recently! Focusing on the positives in their days and lives, and writing down ‘3 goods’ from each day has been rewarding for all of us. (I even started keeping a gratitude journal!) I think all children could benefit from a workshop like this – actually I recon all PEOPLE could gain some fabulous and valuable life skills from an experience like this.” 
~Emily, parent of 2 participants

“I loved the whole thing. I especially liked how the mindful listening helps me pay attention.”
~Larkin, age 11

“I like keeping a gratitude journal because it reminds me of all the good things I’ve done.”
~Marloe, age 8


Great and Grateful News!


The Gratitude Program for Kids™ was implemented in 2015 at F.W. Parker Elementary School with the approval and support of Dr. Maryanne Palmer—Principal

Teacher Testimonials:

“It was a nice way to begin our day—we could gather together and take a moment to think outside of ourselves. It brought us together as a community.”

“I enjoyed discussing “the goods” each day with my students.”

“Sharing our ‘goods’ helped the community of our classroom.”

“I liked the idea of gratitude being spoken about daily in the classroom.”

“I enjoyed reinforcing the importance of gratitude. It is very valuable to our well-being.”

“My students enjoyed focusing on the positive aspects of their day! I really enjoyed seeing students reflect and take a moment to focus on the “the good.” I think this program is positive and easy to use in the classroom!


More Health and Happiness Specialist Testimonials:



Debbie Lyn Toomey was part of the teaching team at a charter school in Somerville where we taught the 4th-6th grade students mindfulness. It was challenging work which began late in the year, after two other teachers had left these students. There was little lead-time to prepare and there was a lot of new territory to traverse together.
Debbie was unfailingly positive. She was excellent communicating with the team. She helped beyond what was required, attending extra classes both to observe and to assist.  She even brought in a new member to our team when one was needed. She was a great team-player, one we knew would show up for us. She is committed to the work and practice. Thank you, Debbie!
Debbie Cohen, Lead Mindfulness Teacher, IVY Child International



“We love having Deb Toomey as part of our community here. Debbie definitely brings a vibrant, positive spirit to all that she does. We’re so excited to be able to offer Healthy-Steps and Laughter Yoga to our participants. I think the best things you can say about Deb is that people have fun when they are around her and they are always smiling and that’s why it’s very important to us. So she comes with a level of professionalism and just a great resource for us.” – Megan Bettencourt, Cancer Support Community www.cancersupportcommunityma.org


“I attended a session where Debbie spoke about Mindfulness for Work-Life Balance. She introduced our group to the concept, skills and some practices to become more mindful in our everyday lives. Debbie taught us some practices that have become a part of my everyday routine, and truly help me have a more productive day, in and outside of work. I brought the knowledge and skills that Debbie instilled in our group back to my office, to share with my colleagues. It was one of the best sessions I have been to. Thank you, Debbie!” – Ashley G.



“This Laughter Yoga class was just what I needed! It was fun and exhilarating. It gave me a great way to feel free and move around after my cancer treatments. I have spent so many months in the strict routine and structure of my chemo and radiation treatments that I forgot what it felt like to just laugh and play. Debbie, thank you so much for providing me with an outlet to be myself.” – Shelia H.


“Healthy Steps is so much fun. I look forward to going to class each week. When you leave the class you come out singing and then you sing all day long. Debbie is just wonderful and everyone has a smile on their faces and you can tell everyone is having fun. You forget all your troubles while you are there. I just love it and I would tell everyone to try it once and I know they will be back again and again. Thank you Debbie for everything you do.” – Eleanor K.


“Debbie is a highly skilled nurse who has integrated her mind-body-spirit practices into fun workshops. I have witnessed those who have participated in her workshops to leave lighter and happier.” – Lola Tom, Director of Business Development and Asian Services, Multicultural Home Care & Freedom Home Care


“Debbie’s presentation on Mindfulness for Work-Life Balance at the NEACRAO Annual Conference was outstanding! Her positive energy, enthusiasm and expertise as a Health and Happiness Specialist made this session a highlight for many of our conference attendees. People had this to say about her presentation: ‘She was an excellent speaker – fun, energizing and informative.’ ‘Awesome, should be a required session.’ ‘Wonderful session, beautiful presenter.’ ‘This was one of the best sessions so far. I hope to see this again next year!'” – Wendy Smith Rappa, Assistant Registrar, University of New Hampshire and Vice President for Professional Development and Ethics, New England Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (NEACRAO)