“In the face of demoralization gratitude has the power to energize.

In the face of brokenness gratitude has the power to heal.

In the face of despair gratitude has the power to bring hope.

In other words, gratitude can help us cope with hard times.”   Robert Emmons

As a nurse, health and happiness specialist, and daughter of a 3-time cancer survivor, I have learned, experienced, and witnessed gratitude’s awesome and graceful way of:  inspiring hope, building resilience, and enhancing relationships along the cancer journey for both cancer survivors and their support systems.

Gratitude, the mother of all virtues, is a practice that has been proven through a growing number of studies to cultivate health and happiness in life.

How can GRATITUDE help cancer survivors and their support systems?

The practice of gratitude can:

Fuel every micro-moment from sun up to sun down

Build stronger bonds between the survivor and their care-givers

Foster a sense of optimism that brings hope and happiness

Connect a person to something bigger and greater for support

Help give a sense of control throughout the cancer journey

And so much more…

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